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Other People’s Problems

My friends and I have been referring to it as the “widow” card.  Something that trumps others and makes it so you get extra consideration, understanding, hugs, etc.  But, these are just my problems.  Other people still have issues too that are just as all consuming to them as my grief is to me. I had lunch with a friend and listened to what was going on in his life.  And it was a lot.  all...

Sunday With Friends

In some ways I’ve been very lucky on this journey.  I have friends who care, my bills are paid, and my juob is understanding.  I’d still much rather have him, but we don’t always get what we want in life. Today I went and had brunch at the Four Seasons with some writer friends, and it was wonderful.  I had kept in contact with the Chef and he had a special chocolate dessert delivered to...


Today has been an odd day.  Between my head being clogged and trying to juggle work, I just feet untethered to anything.  Waiting for things I can’t control. Waiting to feel better.  Waiting for the next wave. Waiting for answers. Waiting for information. Waiting for others. So I’m stuck in limbo right now.  I can’t move forward, yet I’m not allowed to stop.  Add in the head cold...


One of the many facets of grief can be our body gets run down and making it more susceptible to illness.  Which, unfortunately, I seem to be a text book case with a summer cold that has settled in my lungs. I’ve been having problems sleeping anyhow, but now I wake up struggling to breathe, then lay there wide awake trying to slow down the pounding of my heart.  The biggest problem is physical...

Little Things

I hate grocery shopping.  It was something he enjoyed, never knew why, but he’d run to the store for anything.  If I wanted chocolate at ten at night, he’d get up and run to get me some.  Granted I usually said no, but he’d still go.  Now I walk those blasted aisles and keep turning to ask if he wants x or y.  And he’s not there. Garage saling was something we did on weekends. it...

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