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Brain Cells Not Active

So I’ve really been struggling to finish my work in progress (WIP) and it has been frustrating me as I only have about three thousands words to finish it, then I could post the entire series of three. Yesterday afternoon it dawned on me why I’m fighting so hard to write this last scene, it is a sex scene, a romance, their happy ever after.  And mine is gone. The light bulb clicked, and I was...


All of us have routines, the things we do every day, that keep our lives flowing. Mine are shattered right now, and I’m really struggling to create new ones. Before Death – get up when alarm went off, get lunch and make coffee, kiss him good bye before I left, knowing he’d deal with anything I missed. After death – get up and sit there for a minute, listening for him.  Make coffee,...


It is Saturday.  I’ve managed to write a grand total of 645 words so far today.  I need to write more. Just, energy, motivation all lacking.  I kinda want to just drink until I can’t feel, but I already know that doesn’t work so sticking to water.  Mostly I want my head cold to go away.  Exciting, not. Really today is just me staring at the walls and very carefully not thinking. ...

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