Brain Cells Not Active


So I’ve really been struggling to finish my work in progress (WIP) and it has been frustrating me as I only have about three thousands words to finish it, then I could post the entire series of three.

Yesterday afternoon it dawned on me why I’m fighting so hard to write this last scene, it is a sex scene, a romance, their happy ever after.  And mine is gone.

The light bulb clicked, and I was stunned at my own stupidity.  Of course I didn’t want tow rite the happy sex scene, where they realize they love each other and make plans for the rest of their life.  The man I loved is dead, and I don’t get to have that sex or discuss plans for my life. So how in the hell could I expect myself to write it?

All this time I had just thought the writing was the problem, but it wasn’t it was the scene, the love that two people share, that I couldn’t write.

So, even though the series of three is so close to being done, I’m filing it.  I have a fun light hearted scifi romp I’m going to write.  No romance, off screen sex, and nothing about happy ever after.  Already I’ve written more in just world building that I had in writing in the last month.

One of the side affects of grief that isn’t obvious, is your brain just isn’t processing information the same.  I’m frustrated because I can’t get the pieces to click together as fast as they did.  But, I’m still here, writing, and trying to figure out how to live with my husband dead.   Sci-fi ahoy!

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